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Give PEACE a chance during a divorce

When an Oregon couple decides to end a marriage, peace is typically not a word that immediately comes to mind. However, divorce experts suggest that the process may work more smoothly if specific areas are addressed. The areas can be easily remembered by the acronym PEACE.

The first subject to consider is a parenting plan when children are involved in the divorce proceedings. It is important to develop a plan that deals with the issues of custody, visitation and support. Another area of concern is the equitable distribution of assets – not necessarily equal division. The parties must agree on a plan to divide assets from a marriage.

Alimony can be a hot-button issue during a divorce. Many factors such as current and future earnings, age and standard of living are considered in the determination of alimony payments. Contesting a divorce can occur whether the disagreements are simple or complex. It is in the best interest of the divorcing spouses to be represented by an attorney for protection of assets and position. The experts then say to address everything else, including whatever issues or concerns a parting couple may have.

The report strongly recommends that a person should not go through the complicated divorce process alone. It is important to have a strong team working on an individual's behalf. An experienced Oregon family law attorney can provide guidance when someone is contemplating a divorce. A knowledgeable lawyer can answer a client's questions and work toward achieving the best outcome in a stressful situation.

Source: bradenton.com, "Financial strategies to negotiate a divorce settlement", Jim Zientara, April 17, 2017

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