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November 2016 Archives

When kids suffer during divorce, doctors may be able to help

No matter how badly two people may want to separate from one another, no one enjoys going through a divorce. It can be a difficult and emotional event for even the most stable of adults. For children whose parents are getting a divorce, it can be traumatizing. A newly published report offers some suggestions on how Oregon parents can best help their children to cope during what is surely an upsetting time for them.

Extra child support ordered by judge for gifted child

All parents know the high cost of raising children. For those that participate in activities such as clubs or teams, the costs are even greater. When a couple with kids gets a divorce, however, these sorts of activities generally do not warrant increased child support payments. In a recent ruling on the opposite coast from Oregon, however, a judge went against that trend in a case involving an exceptional child. 

When child custody goes to court, private issues become public

When a couple with children divorces, they should do their best to provide a stable situation for their kids during a time of upheaval. It is generally preferable to make child custody arrangements in a collaborative manner, when possible. If this cannot be done, the Oregon courts will have to rule on any disputes that arise, either during the divorce, or in later years. Unfortunately, sometimes deeply private situations can become a matter of public record.