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Without a prenuptial, asset division can still be accomplished

Although prenuptial agreements are generally hugely beneficial to soon-to-be married couples with substantial assets, some individuals still prefer to forgo the agreement before marriage. In other instances, assets were accrued over the course of the marriage. In cases such as these, asset division for Oregon couples who have significant assets to split can be tricky.

Although the thought of fighting it out in court may appear to be tantalizing to some, this may not be the smartest move. One authority even points out that other options exist for those who are divided over who gets what. In fact, she points out that individuals are more likely to divide the assets to their satisfaction without even stepping in court.

Additionally, those dealing with a significant amount of assets might find that they become too focused on the current goal rather than the long-term. In some instances, a financial divorce specialist can accompany an individual along their divorce journey. This is to ensure that their financial comfort and well-being is adequately addressed.

Without pre-arranged asset division that a prenuptial agreement can provide, it is important for Oregon couples with significant assets to carefully review their financial status before moving forward with any concrete decisions. While the idea of heading to court might at first be appealing, in the long run settling things outside of court might be more beneficial to those involved. This process can sometimes be aided by a financial specialist, whose job it is to survey the long-term and correctly advise those who divorcing.

Source: Forbes, "Three Of The Biggest Mistakes The Wealthy Make When Divorcing", Russ Alan Prince, June 9, 2014

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