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Child Custody Archives

Shared parenting gaining support in child custody decisions

There are many issues to address when couples from Oregon or elsewhere around the country go through a divorce. If a couple has children, the topic of child custody is often one of the more complex issues that is discussed. Many psychologists and child experts are now citing that children fare better when parenting is shared with both mother and father, following a divorce.

Shared child custody arrangements result in lower stress for kids

Going through a divorce can be a trying experience for Oregon residents or others around the country, particularly if a couple has children. Discussions around child custody, living arrangements and financial support for the children can be intense, given the importance of the issues. Recently, child advocates presented research that shows children in shared custody situations are less stressed than those that live full time with one parent.

Can low IQ result in loss of child custody?

Not many would argue that it takes a certain level of intelligence to succeed in some areas of life. For example, someone wanting to be an engineer, doctor or scientist would need an IQ higher than the average of 90 to 110. However, how much intelligence does it take to raise a child? That is the question many in Oregon are asking as they learn of a recent child custody case.

Child custody decisions often difficult

Going through an Oregon divorce can be a stressful experience, particularly when children are involved. Child custody issues can potentially be contentious. However, it is critical for divorcing couples to remember that though they may be ending their relationship, their roles as parents remain. Understandably, the decisions that parents make regarding their children can have long lasting repercussions.

Veteran with PSTD now fighting child custody issues

Citizens in Oregon and throughout the nation owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans who have bravely served our country. Many veterans, especially those who have experienced combat in war-torn areas, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Those veterans are encouraged to seek help for PSTD. One combat veteran sought help, but believes that his child custody case is suffering because of it.

Parenting plans helpful when addresssing child custody issues

Going through a divorce in Oregon or elsewhere is an emotional experience. Those emotions are often heightened when children are involved. Child custody issues can turn divorce proceedings into contentious battles. However, it is beneficial for divorcing spouses to address co-parenting situations and develop a plan.

Important facts about child custody in Oregon

When a husband and wife opt to divorce, they will face many tough decisions over the division of their assets and how their lives will be lived separately. For parents who get divorced, probably no decisions will be as difficult as the ones concerning child custody. Custody arrangements have long-term implications, so it may be helpful to know a little more about custody rulings in Oregon.

In divorce, the best interests of the child are not always clear

Parents in Oregon usually agree that their children's best interests should be respected in almost all aspects of life, but what is that best interest, exactly? For each family going through a divorce, the answer will be different. It often requires a tailored and focused approach to determine the best interests of the child, even if his or her parents are divorcing for an otherwise seemingly common reason.

Moving out of state? Find out how child custody can be affected

Life might be somewhat easier if most things stayed the same, but the reality for most people in Oregon is that change happens. However, big life changes can be somewhat more complicated for divorced parents. This is especially true when that big change involves an out-of-state move. Whether for employment or personal reasons, moving out of state leaves most divorced parents wondering how their child custody agreement will be affected.

Determining best interests of the child is not always easy

Oregon parents tend to have the same top priority when filing for divorce -- their children. However, while most parents agree that custody plans should be based on the best interests of the child, it is not quite as easy to agree on what those interests are. While this can sometimes be decided through negotiation or mediation, court intervention is sometimes necessary.