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January 2016 Archives

Want to keep divorce proceedings short? Prepare early

The month of January is perhaps aptly nicknamed the Divorce Month. Annually, the month of January tends to see more divorces than at other times in Oregon throughout the year. While this occurs for any number of reasons, many people who start the New Year off by filing for divorce feel antsy and ready to have the process over in as little time as possible. However, in order to protect assets, rushing the process is not necessarily advisable.

Experts say parents should equally share parenting time

The image of the divorced child continues to persist in TV, movies and other forms of media -- weekdays with mom and weekends, or every other weekend, with dad, and sometimes even less. Historically this has been true, with mothers most often holding sole custody and fathers only given access to small periods of parenting time. Although family law in Oregon has already begun to shift toward shared parenting, experts on the matter are still pressing the issue to make sure that divorcing parents understand just how important both parents can be to a child's well-being.

Prenuptial agreements more beneficial than most realize

The false notion that a prenuptial agreement is only beneficial to the very wealthy has perpetuated for quite some time despite not being very true at all. While virtually all Oregon couples who plan on saying "I do" can benefit from carefully worded prenuptial agreements, some simply have trouble picturing themselves in a situation that would call for one. Those working in the agricultural community are just one of many that might experience this kind of trouble when weighing the potential benefits of a prenup.