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October 2015 Archives

One's age at the time of marriage could raise chance of divorce

Trends in divorce have changed and evolved over time as society has adapted to new and different societal norms. Although the average age of Americans at the time of marriage seems to have increased over the years, the scientifically backed "ideal" age to marry ends well before many people choose to actually tie the knot. So does this mean Oregon couples who put off marriage until later in life are destined to divorce?

Do you understand how child custody can affect taxes?

Child custody should, of course, always be determined based on whatever is in a child's best interest. However, it is still important for Oregon parents to understand the financial implications of various arrangements. Previously, married parents who filed joint taxes should be sure to consider how taxes -- specifically the child tax credit -- will be handled following the finalization of the divorce and child custody agreement.

Not sure how much your assets are worth? Can you still divorce?

Depending on the couple, locating and collecting all of the necessary financial documents can be a relatively simple and straightforward process. Having all of this information readily available during the property division process can help it move as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while inaccurate or patchy documentation can have the opposite effect and lead to a less than desirable divorce settlement. Oregon couples who have various investments, portfolios or simply a high number of assets sometimes require a helping hand when it comes time to gather this type of information.