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May 2015 Archives

What's the difference between sole and joint child custody?

The majority of parents would agree that custody should be based on the best interests of a child, but there may be a significant difference in opinion when it comes to determining what a child's best interest actually is. For Oregon parents who are unable to reach an agreement between themselves, court intervention might be appropriate. When a judge considers what type of child custody arrangement would be most appropriate, he or she must take several different factors into consideration before making a decision.

MLB outfielder Josh Hamilton ready to divorce

Major league baseball fans might have already heard of the divorce proceedings between the outfielder Josh Hamilton and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The divorce filing did not go into the specific reasons behind the split and simply cited ongoing conflict, which is not uncommon in Oregon divorce filings. However, unlike most other divorces, the high-profile nature of Hamilton's divorce might provide further insight into the matter for those who are confused or unsure of the process.