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January 2015 Archives

Considering a divorce? This may be the right time of year

While following the lead or advice of a celebrity may not always be the most advisable thing to do, it appears that some stars may be able to set at least one solid example when it comes to divorce. Company executives and celebrities alike appear to understand that the beginning of a New Year isn't just a time for resolutions that will likely be dropped before the month is up. Instead, they apparently understand that filing for divorce at the start of the year can sometimes be an exceptionally beneficial time to do so. 

Post-divorce modifications may be necessary

While a divorce settlement addresses the issues that Oregon couples are dealing with at that point in time, it might be unlikely that life will continue to stay the same years down the road. Certain aspects of a divorce settlement that may have once been relevant may become unreasonable or impossible to meet. When that happens, modifications may be necessary.